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    Huge Thank You to Our New Parker, CO Family!!!

    Last updated 1 day ago

    We want to thank the over 800 families who joined us on Saturday for our Grand Opening of our Parker, Colorado Campus.  We are honored to be your partner in education!

    Classes begin Monday, August 11th; sign up for an Open House Tour today! 

    Teaching Kids about Cavities

    Last updated 5 days ago

    Parents and preschool teachers can help kids understand the importance of dental health from an early age. For example, a preschool teacher can place an egg in a plastic cup and cover it with a dark-colored soda. The next day, the kids can see the discoloration and other imperfections that have formed on the egg. This provides a starting point for a conversation about the detrimental effects sugar has on tooth enamel.

    You can watch this video for a demonstration of this creative experiment. The dentist in this video also discusses the importance of positive experiences with dental care in early childhood.

    Children’s Learning Adventure features a Culinary Creations program, which teaches preschoolers the value of making healthy food choices. To enroll your youngster in our preschool or child care programs, call our Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, or Oklahoma locations at (888) 674-1487.

    Stopping Summer Learning Loss

    Last updated 20 days ago

    Summer learning loss is a real phenomenon that can hinder your child’s progress in school. You can prevent your child from losing critical knowledge during vacation by planning educational adventures at home. Play fun games to reinforce language development, such as Scrabble. Teach your child chess to reinforce logic and decision-making skills, and play Monopoly to instill mathematics skills. Going outdoors and observing nature is a great way to nurture a love of science; plus, it helps limit your child’s screen time.

    In addition to playing educational games with your little one, consider enrolling him or her in a theme-based summer camp. Look for a child care program in your area that offers a summer camp designed to make learning fun for children. For example, a summer camp may focus on global awareness with fun introductions to other countries, or it may encourage children to explore their creativity.

    Youngsters enrolled in the child care programs of Children’s Learning Adventure enjoy our theme-based summer camp, designed to stimulate a child’s innate curiosity and love of learning. For more information about enrollment in our child care programs or preschools in Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma, call (888) 674-1487.

    Reasons to Teach Your Child Sign Language

    Last updated 26 days ago

    Increasingly, parents are looking for high-quality child care and preschool programs that offer sign language lessons. This trend recognizes the incredible academic and social-emotional benefits of signing for children of all ages—from babies to school kids. After choosing a preschool that uses sign language, it can be helpful for parents to learn some of the signs to use with their little learners at home.

    Language Development

    It’s a common misconception that learning sign language hinders language development in babies and children. The theory is that using nonverbal communication will discourage youngsters from transitioning to spoken words. In fact, research has disproven this theory and instead supports the idea that learning sign language actually boosts a child’s language development. Studies have shown that children who learn sign language in child care, preschool, and beyond have greater vocabularies than children who do not. Signing can help kids remember new words. Learning the sign language alphabet can also help kids do better with spelling.

    Emotional Development

    Sign language is strongly recommended for infants because it encourages their emotional development. It provides a nonverbal means of communication for little ones who cannot yet tell their parents what they want. This reduces frustration and decreases incidences of meltdowns. Signing can even facilitate the social-emotional development of older kids. As every parent knows, kids often have a hard time using their words when they become upset. Signing provides a safe way of expressing their feelings and can lead to subsequent verbal expressions.

    Parent-Child Relationships

    When you and your child learn sign language together, it can help strengthen your parent-child bond. Your little one will be happy and excited about sharing a new skill with Mommy or Daddy. Plus, if you need to reprimand your child in public, you can do so with a sign to spare your child the embarrassment. This can also lend itself to a stronger parent-child relationship and greater self-esteem for your little one.

    The highly qualified child care and preschool educators of Children’s Learning Adventure incorporate sign language and Spanish into classroom learning activities. You can learn more about the curriculum for our child care and preschool programs by visiting us on the web or by calling us at (888) 674-1487. We offer convenient locations in Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma.

    Helping Your Child Adjust to a New School

    Last updated 1 month ago

    When your little one is ready to leave preschool and enter into kindergarten, or if your family is moving to a new area, the transition can sometimes be challenging. Youngsters may miss their old preschool or child care program, and they may worry about making new friends. Fortunately, kids are remarkably resilient. With a little preparation and some time to adjust, your young learner will soon look forward to his or her new school.

    Discussing the Issues

    Your child may hesitate to bring up his or her concerns. Start a conversation by saying how exciting it is that he or she gets to explore a new school and meet some new friends. Then ask your child if he or she is worried about anything. Children often worry about seemingly inconsequential issues, such as how they will get to the new school and where they will store their backpacks.

    Meeting New Friends

    Reach out to the PTA ahead of time to ask about get-togethers for parents and children. If it’s possible for your child to meet some classmates before school starts, he or she may be much more eager about the first day.

    Visiting the School

    One morning, plan a practice visit to the school. Wake your child up at the same time that he or she will wake up for school. Pack his or her backpack and make other necessary preparations. Then, take the same route to the campus that your child will take on the first day. If visitors are allowed, walk through the school and see where the classroom is.

    Using Laughter to Dispel Anxiety

    If your child is still nervous on the first day of school, play a quick, fun game with him or her. Try to get your child to laugh to release his or her nervous energy. On the way to school, sing some fun songs together.

    The child care and preschool programs available from Children’s Learning Adventure will provide your young learner with all the skills necessary for a foundation of lifelong learning. Our preschool features a fun, positive learning environment to encourage kids to love school. You can learn more about our after school, preschool, and child care programs by calling (888) 674-1487 and asking us about our locations in Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma.

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