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    How to Deal with Your Picky Eater

    Last updated 1 day 14 hours ago

    Kids are notoriously picky eaters, but you can find ways to keep them happy at meal times. Instead of trying to make a different meal for everyone in your family, you should only prepare one thing. If your kids are hungry enough, they will eat it.

    If you can get your kids involved in the food preparation process, they will be more invested in eating the final product. Start cooking with your kids from a young age so they get excited about mealtime. Check out this video for more great tips.

    If you are looking for the right daycare program for your kids, look no further than Children’s Learning Adventure. We are here to help you and your children optimize educational opportunities. To learn more, visit us online or call (888) 674-1487.

    A Look at What's New in December at Children's Learning Adventure

    Last updated 4 days ago

    At Children’s Learning Adventure, we are always advancing our curriculum to help your children get access to the best educational opportunities. Keep reading to learn more about what’s on the books for December:

    The theme for this month is North America. We will work with your children to get them to appreciate the people, animals, and landscapes of this diverse continent. Our math units will start to introduce basic addition and subtraction concepts to give your child an educational edge. We will do mosaics and a lesson on Caribbean cuisine to help them learn more about the world around them.

    If you want your child to get the best education from a young age, Children’s Learning Adventure is here for you. With childcare, preschool, and daycare programs, we help you teach your child the importance of education from the beginning. We also have after-school programs. To learn more about our schools, visit us online or call (888) 674-1487.

    A Look at the Importance of Early Childhood Friendships

    Last updated 13 days ago

    Childhood friendships help teach your children about social interactions and how to interact with their peers. Whether they meet friends in preschool or after-school care programs, these relationships are an important aspect of youth that teach your kids a lot about life. Keep reading to learn more about how these friendships impact your children:

    They Encourage Confidence
    Children must overcome shyness to interact with other children. Youth friendships help kids gain confidence in themselves so they can learn how to interact with others on a social level. The more friends a child makes, the more confident he or she can become. As soon as your children start to come out of their shells to talk to other kids, they gain confidence.

    They Build Trust
    Children must trust one another to formulate lasting friendships. Trust is an important aspect of a character that can help your children gain important skills that can help them throughout their lives. Learning how to trust helps them in their social and academic experiences.

    They Teach Conflict Resolution
    Even children fight with their friends. Although fights are never fun, they can teach your children important lessons about how to resolve conflicts. From discussing their feelings to talking out a problem, childhood friendships help kids figure out how to work through conflicts.

    They Help Your Child Shine
    The more a child interacts with other children, the more he or she starts to appreciate his or her own personality. Making friends at daycare or in school programs helps your child start to develop and appreciate a unique personality.

    At Children’s Learning Adventure, your children have the opportunity to make friendships that help them learn and grow as individuals. Our childcare programs are designed to help your children figure out how to learn and how to be a part of a group. To learn more about our programs or to find the location nearest you, visit us online or call (888) 674-1487.

    Get Thanksgiving-Ready Using These Techniques for Teaching Kids Table Manners

    Last updated 22 days ago

    With the holidays rapidly approaching, now is the time to prepare your kids for Thanksgiving. Whether you are hosting the holiday or going to someone else’s house, use the following tips to teach your kids proper table manners:

    Remind them to Say, “Please” and “Thank You”
    Even if your children are very young, they can still learn how to say “please” and “thank you” as they sit at the table. You should practice saying these words every night at your family dinner so they start to get used to the habit of doing it. The more that you use these words around your children, the easier it will be for them to start remembering to use them on their own.

    Teach them How to Sit Still
    When any child wiggles or moves around at the dinner table, it might inspire the other children to start doing it too. A few weeks before Thanksgiving, you should start working with your kids to keep them from wiggling during their holiday meal. You might want to make a game out of it by offering a small prize like a sticker for the kids that are able to sit still the longest.

    Encourage them to Eat with their Mouths Closed
    Children tend to over exaggerate the chewing motion when they eat. Spend some time encouraging them to eat with their mouths closed so the rest of the Thanksgiving party does not have to look at what they are chewing. You can show the kids the difference between chewing with an open mouth and a closed mouth so they understand why it is important to do it.

    While you are busy with your holiday to-do list, bring your kids to Children’s Learning Academy for access to some of the best childcare services in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Texas. To learn more about our day care and after-school programs, visit us online or call (888) 674-1487.

    Tips for Packing Your Kids' Bags for Holiday Travel

    Last updated 24 days ago

    If you are planning to travel with your kids this holiday season, it is important to pack well so you have everything you need to keep the kids entertained throughout the trip.

    Be sure to pack some toys that can keep your kids busy while you travel. Do not bring toys that make noise or look like weapons, though, or you might have trouble going through airport security. If you have a baby, you should only bring a handful of diapers and buy the rest when you get to your destination. Check out this video for more tips on what to pack.

    Children’s Learning Adventure is here with some of the best daycare and after-school programs in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Texas. To learn more, visit us online or call (888) 674-1487.

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