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    How Rhyming Encourages Literacy

    Last updated 7 days ago

    Nursery rhymes such as “Jack and Jill” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” are an integral part of childhood experiences. At your child’s daycare or preschool program, his or her teacher is likely to use rhymes on a regular basis. Not only are nursery rhymes fun for kids, they encourage early childhood literacy skills. 

    Phonemic Awareness
    A phoneme is the most basic unit of speech. Multiple phonemes are combined to create words. Phonemic awareness, which refers to the detection and manipulation of the individual sounds of words, is a critical early literacy skill. Nursery rhymes can help children develop phonemic awareness. For example, a preschool teacher might ask children to listen closely to a verse to identify various sounds and determine which word does not rhyme.

    Pattern Recognition
    Pattern recognition is a necessary step toward literacy. Language is characterized by countless patterns. With repeated exposure to rhymes, preschoolers can learn to associate certain letters with certain sounds. He or she begins to realize that the replacement of one or more letters creates a new word with a similar sound. For example, children can recognize the pattern in the family of rhyming words, “mitt, fit, and spit.”

    Vocabulary Expansion
    As any preschool teacher can tell you, all young kids need plenty of repetition to acquire new knowledge. Your child will need to hear a word and its meaning multiple times before adding it to his or her vocabulary. One of the many wonderful aspects about nursery rhymes is the capacity of a child to hear the rhyme over and over again without tiring of it.

    Positive Attitude
    Since nursery rhymes are fun for children to listen to and to repeat, they help children develop a positive attitude toward learning in general and literacy in particular. A love of reading will serve your child well throughout his or her academic career and beyond.

    Literacy is a significant component of the curriculum available at Children’s Learning Adventure. Our child care and preschool educators work closely with children to help them learn important pre-literacy skills and develop a lifelong love of reading. Call (888) 674-1487 to find one of our child care, preschool, or after school care programs in Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, or Oklahoma.

    A Look Back at Children's Learning Adventure's August Updates

    Last updated 15 days ago

    Here at Children’s Learning Adventure, our little students are always exploring and learning! Our primary themes for August involved understanding empathy and the importance of caring for each other. Throughout the month, your little one worked on self-help skills and developing problem-solving abilities. During August, our educators placed a special emphasis on the importance of reading with children every day. Our preschoolers enjoyed interactive books, such as “That’s Not My Train,” to facilitate language development and encourage cognitive connections.

    In addition to reading their favorite stories, children improved their listening skills and verbal abilities by exploring rhymes. The use of rhymes lends itself to greater vocabulary development and enables children to understand relationships among words. Throughout August, our young learners enjoyed creative endeavors, such as sensory activities with the use of play dough, water play, and texture books. Our carefully designed curriculum also included various activities to develop gross and fine motor skills in young children, in addition to the development of important socio-emotional skills.

    If you have any questions about the curriculum available at the preschool and child care programs of Children’s Learning Adventure, please call (888) 674-1487. Our unique child care programs are available at convenient locations in Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma.

    Creating a Literate Home for Your Child

    Last updated 18 days ago

    The early experiences in a child’s life—including literacy experiences—guide brain development. When your youngster is still in child care or preschool, he or she can learn important literacy skills through everyday activities. You can nurture your child’s cognitive development and encourage early childhood literacy by creating a home environment that is conducive to language development.

    Be a Good Role Model
    An important step in creating a literate home for your child is being a good role model. Your child will learn that reading is a positive, important experience by observing you and other family members reading frequently. Set aside time each day to read out loud with your child.

    Designate a Special Reading Space
    Your preschooler may take pride in having a special area just for him or her to practice reading and writing. Place a child-sized writing desk in his or her room, along with plenty of paper and easy-to-grip pencils. Install bookshelves that are at a height your child can easily reach and fill them with his or her favorite stories.

    Provide Plenty of Literacy Materials
    Young learners often have short attention spans. They can benefit from having a variety of educational materials in easily accessible places within the home. For example, place magnetic letters on the refrigerator for your child to play with. Many kids also enjoy ABC puzzles, alphabet blocks, and similar toys. If your youngster resists practicing the alphabet with a pencil, he or she might enjoy painting it with finger paint.

    Have Vocabulary-Rich Discussions
    Extend literacy practice beyond story time by including new vocabulary words into your discussions with your child. Remember that children need lots of repetition before they can incorporate a new word into their vocabulary. You should also repeat your explanations of the meaning of the new word.

    At the child care and preschool programs of Children’s Learning Adventure, literacy plays a significant role in preparing children for school. Our child care centers feature a complete library, in addition to interactive story times and group discussions geared toward improving comprehension skills. Parents in Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma who are looking for a high-quality child care program or preschool can learn more about us by calling (888) 674-1487.

    Update Regarding CLA Oklahoma City/Edmond Grand Opening on October 11, 2014!

    Last updated 24 days ago

    Children's Learning Adventure is so excited to be part of the Oklahoma City Community! We have been inundated with inquiries and interest by parents wanting to enroll in our beautiful new campus being constructed in Oklahoma City. Over 1,000 parents have already contacted us and we are still over a month away from our Grand Opening! 

    Several of you have mentioned that you will be out of town for the big Texas v. Oklahoma Red River Showdown game. To be fair, enrollment will be on a first come first serve basis. 

    We highly recommend that you send someone in your place if you are unable to attend. Doors will be opening at 9:00AM on October 11, 2014. However, we strongly suggest coming early to secure your place in line to ensure your able to enroll in our wonderful programs.

    Do not worry about missing any of the pre-game or game either since we are planning on having a jumbo screen in the parking lot!

    We truly are overwhelmed by the welcome we are receiving from the community and honored by your trust in us. Our amazing team cannot wait to meet you and your family.

    ***If you have not had the opportunity to reserve your attendance for the Grand Opening Hosted on October 11th, Simply email with your First/Last Name, Child/ren’s Names & Age. We will be sure to place your family on the RSVP list!***

    Boomer Sooner! -CLA

    Sensory Art Activities for Kids

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Sensory art activities are great educational tools for children. As your little one heads to preschool this fall, he or she may do these types of activities with classmates. One example of a sensory art activity is a leaf rubbing. Your preschooler can select a large leaf with visible veins, place it on a mat with the vein side pointed up, and place a piece of white paper on top of it. Then, your preschooler can rub the paper with a crayon to bring out the pattern of the leaf, and then paint on top of it with watercolors.

    You can see a demonstration of a leaf rubbing by watching this video. This art expert also offers some tips for using this sensory art activity to begin science-related discussions.

    Children’s Learning Adventure offers child care and preschool programs with a dedicated art studio to encourage children to develop creative expression. Parents can call (888) 674-1487 to reach one of our preschools in Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, or Oklahoma.

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CLA Oklahoma City/Edmond Grand Opening on October 11th at 9:00AM

Children's Learning Adventure Oklahoma City/Edmond Grand Opening on October 11th at 9:00AM!!!

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