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How Preschoolers Benefit from Physical Activity

While you’re looking for preschools or child care for your youngster, you’re probably scrutinizing the center’s academic philosophy, lesson plans, and teacher credentials, with good reason. However, it’s also important to choose a preschool that offers movement education to your little one. Movement activities have come a long way from standard PE classes. Modern movement instruction in preschools can help your child develop a foundation of success for his or her lifetime.

Preschoolers Can Learn Fundamental Movement Skills PreSchool in Scottsdale
Adults have become accustomed to the abilities and limitations of their bodies throughout the years. For most adults, movement is second nature and doesn’t require much thought or skill. However, for a child, every movement is an exploration of spatial awareness, coordination, and balance. Children learn by experience, and by attending a preschool that incorporates physical activity, they can learn a great deal about their own movements. Movement programming enables children to develop gross motor skills, spatial awareness, and body awareness. The benefits of developing these areas go well beyond excelling on a soccer field. Children with poorly developed body and spatial awareness may be more likely to exhibit awkwardness in social situations.

Physical Activity Can Set the Foundation for Future Habits
Experts tend to agree that the early childhood years are crucial for lifelong habit formation and preschools play a critical role in establishing a healthy foundation for kids. When young children discover that physical activity is fun, they are more likely to exercise regularly as adults. Healthy choices offers a vast range of benefits, including weight maintenance, heart disease prevention, and diabetes management.

Preschoolers Can Grow in Self-Confidence
Preschoolers who embrace physical activity are often more likely to welcome active and social games, such as team sports. When a child feels confident with the movements of his or her body, he or she is more likely to grow in self-esteem.

Here at Children’s Learning Adventure, our young learners are always engrossed in an exciting learning activity or a fun outdoor game. Our preschool near Scottsdale, AZ, incorporates physical activity to nurture the well-being of our students. Call CLA at (888) 674-1487 or take a virtual tour on our website.

Getting Ready for April at Children's Learning Adventure

After school Child CareSpring is in the air and here at Children’s Learning Adventure, we’re gearing up for an exciting month of exploration! In April, youngsters at CLA will be focusing on the amazing world of insects. We’ll be discussing the life cycles of bugs and how insects affect the environment. Young learners at CLA will learn the Spanish words for “bug,” “grow,” and “dirt,” and they’ll have the opportunity to peruse vibrant picture books about bugs by famed author Eric Carle.

As we celebrate Earth Day at our daycare centers, we discuss the importance of the holiday for our communities and we’ll talk about making good choices. As we move through the month, youngsters at our preschools will be busy drawing, performing renditions of “The Itsy, Bitsy, Spider,” and participating in some fun outdoor activities, including a leaf search. For our Culinary Creations program, we’ll focus on herb gardening.

For more information on the dynamic curriculum available at Children’s Learning Adventure, parents are encouraged to explore our website and call us at (888) 674-1487 with any questions they may have. At our premier daycare centers, children receive the specialized attention they deserve within a caring, compassionate environment.

What to Look for in an After School Care Program

Elementary school children can benefit from enriching after school programs that empower them to meet academic and social challenges with self-confidence. However, it isn’t always easy to select the right after school program for your child. It’s a good idea to visit the child care center, talk to the educators, and get a sense of the environment your child will be in.

Evaluate Its Commitment to Safety
The safety of the students should be the top priority of a high-quality after school program. As you tour the daycare center, ask the representative about safety measures implemented at the facility. Ask about the security of the entry points, and ask how child drop-offs and pick-ups are handled. If the after school care program includes outdoor features such as playgrounds, evaluate whether access from the surrounding areas is restricted.

Consider Its Philosophy of Child Care After School Child Care CLA
Each child care center has its own unique philosophy and approach to child care. It’s important to select an after school program that empowers children to become confident learners, nurtures their self-esteem, and guides them in making positive choices. A high-quality after school care program should provide a stimulating combination of structured activities and the freedom to pursue independent projects.

Assess the Curriculum
Some after school programs offer little more than babysitting services, while others wholeheartedly embrace a well-rounded curriculum that nurtures children’s academic curiosity. Select an after school care center that offers a structured curriculum based on scientific research into early childhood development. Your child can explore fun activities designed to enhance his or her science knowledge, math skills, and artistic expression. Additionally, consider whether the program provides enrichment resources, such as a computer lab and library.

Children’s Learning Adventure invites parents to learn about our highly trained and dedicated teaching team, our dynamic curriculum, and our nurturing child care environment. You can reach our daycare centers in Scottsdale, AZ or our other locations by calling (888) 674-1487. At CLA, we strive to provide families with an unparalleled learning experience in our after school programs.

How to Plan a Birthday Party for Your Preschooler

If your child is enrolled in a preschool near Scottsdale, AZ, he or she is likely to make lots of new friends. Not surprisingly, when it’s time to plan your little one’s next birthday party, your youngster will probably want to invite lots of other preschoolers from his or her child care program.

When you watch this video, you’ll get some more helpful tips on planning a preschooler’s birthday party. This party entertainer recommends asking family and friends to help you prepare the snacks and having a backup plan in case of bad weather.

At the daycare centers and after school programs of Children’s Learning Adventure, your little ones will discover that learning is an exciting adventure! Give us a call at (888) 674-1487 or take a virtual tour of our preschools.

March Curriculum: Tropical Adventures!!!

It's a new month, which means a NEW curriculum: Tropical Adventures!

This month, our Adventurers will learn about rain-forest and jungle animals, plants, and about the diversity of the regions compared to their own backyard!

They will also focus on the significance of saying, "I'm sorry', and the meaning behind those two words!

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