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    Why More Children Are Learning to Speak Multiple Languages

    Last updated 4 days ago

    In recent years, parents and educators are increasingly recognizing the importance of introducing foreign languages to children very early in life—even as early as the preschool years or younger. Teaching multiple languages to preschoolers opens up a world of opportunities! Children who are fluent in more than one language benefit both academically and personally. Plus, research has shown that preschoolers actually learn other languages more readily than do teenagers and adults.

    Immersion Opportunities

    One of the many reasons why so many more children are learning to speak multiple languages than in previous years is the growing body of evidence that supports the idea that preschoolers acquire language more readily than older children and adults. In fact, more recent evidence suggests children can begin to learn multiple languages beginning at birth; some language schools even offer classes for six month old infants. Teens and adults learn a second language by studying grammar rules and memorizing vocabulary words. In contrast, preschoolers learn by exploring and experiencing the language. Preschools that provide immersion opportunities for young learners allow them to naturally absorb the sounds, intonation patterns, and structures of the language.

    Cognitive Advantages

    Although it may seem counterintuitive, children who learn multiple languages actually score better on English tests than children who are only fluent in English. Being bilingual offers other cognitive advantages, including improved problem solving abilities, better executive function, and enhanced critical thinking skills.

    Personal Benefits

    More parents these days are selecting preschools that offer language opportunities because they recognize the value of instilling cultural awareness in children at an early age. Bilingualism is the gateway to a global community. Furthermore, children who acquire multiple languages are more likely to enjoy personal successes later in life due to increased job opportunities.

    Children’s Learning Adventure offers dynamic preschool programs that recognize the inherent value and educational benefits of teaching foreign languages to young children. As part of our comprehensive preschool curriculum, your child will learn Spanish and sign language, in addition to improving his or her English language skills. Parents can learn more about our preschool by exploring our website or calling (888) 674-1487 to reach one of our child care centers in Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma.

    Making Airplane Crafts with Your Kids

    Last updated 11 days ago

    Arts and crafts are excellent activities for preschoolers because they inspire creativity, build fine motor skills, and teach important concepts such as colors and shapes. You can make simple airplane crafts with your kids to introduce transportation concepts. Outline and cut out the shape of a simple airplane body from a piece of cardboard. Cut out the wings separately in one piece. Cut a slit in the front half of the plane to allow you to insert the wings later. Then, let your child decorate the airplane and demonstrate how he or she can insert the wings.

    Watch this video to see a demonstration of this fun craft idea. This artist explains a clever trick to draw an outline of the airplane body and discusses some ideas for decorating the plane. She also offers some tips for helping your preschooler have fun with the finished project in a safe manner.

    At Children’s Learning Adventure, the educators of our child care and preschool programs guide children through fun arts projects as part of our specially designed curriculum. For information about enrollment in our preschool, call (888) 674-1487 and speak to a friendly representative at one of our locations in Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma.

    What Are Weekly Field Reports?

    Last updated 18 days ago

    All too often, when parents ask their youngsters what they did in child care or preschool, the answer is some version of “I don’t know,” or “I did some fun stuff.” Parents who are interested in becoming more involved in their child’s preschool program might consider enrollment in Children’s Learning Adventure. At our child care centers, our dedicated educators stay in close communication with parents. We view the parent-teacher relationship as a partnership for the benefit of each child. To that end, we provide each parent with weekly field reports.


    The weekly field reports from Children’s Learning Adventure strengthen parent-teacher collaboration to enhance early childhood education. They feature weekly themes, which are printed at the top of each report. The other main parts of the report are divided into categories labeled “Attention,” “Bonding,” and “Communication.” In these categories, you’ll find helpful learning opportunities that complement your child’s learning activities at our preschool. By doing these suggested learning activities at home with your child, you can help reinforce lessons learned in child care.


    The first type of learning activity encourages children to observe the wonders of the world around them. For example, for our beach theme, parents can help their child create water dropper art with washable paint. This activity encourages creativity while fine-tuning motor skills.


    The child care centers of Children’s Learning Adventure strive to help each child feel safe and secure, and to grow in self-esteem. On your little adventurer’s weekly field report, please note the bonding activity designed to encourage these positive feelings in your child. This category includes suggested methods of growing closer together as a family while enjoying fun activities.


    The communication category on the report features activities for improving speech and language skills in your youngster. Your child will be delighted to find that you can sing along with a song he or she learned in preschool that week!

    If you have any questions about our approach to child care, you can get in touch with Children’s Learning Adventure by calling (888) 674-1487. You can also visit our website for a virtual tour of our remarkable child care centers, which include spacious playgrounds and amenities such as libraries, theaters, and computer labs. Our child care centers are available in Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma.

    Thank You Cinco Ranch for the Warm Welcome!

    Last updated 19 days ago

    Children's Learning Adventure wants to thank the over 1,000 residents of Cinco Ranch that turned out early Saturday morning for our Grand Opening in Katy, Texas.  We are excited to be part of your dynamic community and honored that you have entrusted us with the care of your children!  Meet the teacher night is Thursday, April 17th at 5pm-6:30pm.  Classes start Monday, April 21st there are a limited number of spaces remaining so if you have not already signed up now is the time.  The center is open to tour daily from 8am to 6:30am until classes begin - regular hours are 6am-6:30pm.  We look forward to seeing you and your family!

    How Much Exercise Do Children Need?

    Last updated 25 days ago

    In recent years, pediatricians have been increasingly diagnosing conditions in children that were once thought of as affecting only adults, such as high cholesterol levels and type two diabetes. Physical activity is a key step in preventing these medical problems and safeguarding a child’s overall wellness. Unless a child has a medical condition that prohibits vigorous exercise, he or she should get at least an hour of vigorous physical activity every day.

    The doctor in this video explains the benefits of physical activity for children. When you watch this interview, you’ll learn about a study that demonstrates how exercise for young children can overcome the genes that predispose them to obesity.

    Here at Children’s Learning Adventure, kids in our child care program enjoy a variety of physical activities throughout the day, including indoor basketball and bowling! For more information about our child care programs, call (888) 674-1487 and ask about our locations in Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma.

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